A healthy child is a happy child, with happy parents

At Caterpillar Day Nursery your child will be provided with a varied diet which reflects the cultural and religious backgrounds of all the children within the nursery. This will hopefully encourage your child to try new flavours and textures. Information will be gathered from you about your child’s dietary requirements and this is then implemented into their daily routine whilst at Nursery. The daily menus are displayed within the Nursery and you are consulted when these are due to be revised.

Here are samples of our current Nursery menu and our current Out of School Club menu.

All food is freshly prepared on the premises by our full-time, qualified chef and no salt and sugar is added. The daily menu contains high portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Vegetarian meals and other alternatives are available for children with special dietary requirements or allergies.

We locally source our fruit, vegetables and meat and only use fresh ingredients that are low in sugar, salt and fat. Wholemeal breads, pasta and rice are often included within the menu. We only offer milk or water to drink with meals as part of a healthy diet and desserts consist of fresh fruit, yoghurts and homemade puddings. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day for your child.

Our young babies' diets are just as important so we take special care to ensure that we follow our parents wishes with regards to either breastfeeding or formula feeding. Once babies are ready for solid foods, we work together with parents at introducing these in a healthy and nutritious way using a method which is right for each individual baby.

Mealtimes at Caterpillar Day Nursery are a sociable occasion where staff sit with all the children, encouraging positive table manners. We purposely have low tables and chairs for all age groups so that even the smallest babies can sit amongst their peers. The staff will allow your child sufficient time to finish their meals without being rushed. The children’s daily food and fluid intake is carefully monitored by staff, recorded and discussed with you at the end of your child’s sessions

Healthy eating is promoted by the Caterpillar Day Nursery to both children and parents. Daily activities are often planned to encourage the children to understand the importance of healthy eating and the effects food has on their bodies. All children are also encouraged to brush their teeth after meals.